Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule
Stop Payment (1 or more checks)$25.00
Stop Payment ACH$25.00
NSF/Return Item$28.00
Return Deposit Item$10.00
Cashier’s Check$5.00
Check Copies$5.00
Check Cashing2%
Statement Copies$5.00 per month
Account Printouts$1.00 per page
Money Order$3.00
Coin Counting (over $100)2%
Outgoing Wire (domestic)$25.00
Outgoing Wire (foreign)$50.00
Incoming Wire$5.00
Research$25.00 per hour
Safe Deposit Boxes (large)$30.00 per year
Safe Deposit Boxes (small)$17.50 per year
Debit/ATM Card replacement$10.00
Replace Lost Cashier Check$30.00
Invalid Address$10.00 per month
Dormant Account$25.00 per month
Money Market balance below $1,000$6.00 per month
Account Closure within 90 days$25.00
Manual Transfer by CU to cover NSF$2.00
Copy/Fax $1.00 per page
Rush Debit Card $50.00
Rush Debit Card Pin Number$50.00
Holiday Club early withdrawal$10.00
Cash Advance $10.00
Bill Pay (no transactions after 90 days)$5.00
Phone Transfer$2.00
Late Loan Payment$10.00 minimum or 10% of payment
Withdrawal Fees
After 6 to a 3rd party (Savings)$5.00
After 6 to a 3rd party (Money Market)$5.00
Certificates of Deposit
12 month term and less30 days of dividend
Over 12 month term90 days of dividend