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Selfie Contest

You may invest in us, but we are invested in you. We want to see how you’re doing by having you show us your best selfies. For the next few months we will be wanting to see your selfies so that you have a chance to win a prize.

June: Social Distancing Selfie

July: Best Mask Selfie

August: Back to School Selfie

September: Hand Washing Selfie

New Loan Product

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Annual Meeting

Please join us virtually or in person this year for our annual meeting. We will be hosting our meeting August 25th, 2020 at 5PM. All members are encouraged to come to learn about what we have been up to and to help make Wyo Central the best it can be.

Due to COVID -19 restrictions, we will only be allowed to have a certain amount of members attend in person. Please RSVP today to let us know if you will be attending in person or virtually. You can fill out the link below.

For virtual attendance, we will update this post further.

New Rates

As of July 6th, 2020 our deposit/investment rates have changed. Please view our rates page for the most current rates.