• Share Certificates – Wyo Central Federal Credit Union offers a wide variety of terms and rates for our Share Certificate Accounts.  It is always a safe bet to invest in a Share Certificate Account.  You are locked in to a rate for the term you select with no risk of investment loss.  Wyo Central offers certificates that range from 6 months up to 60 months with a minimum opening balance of $500.00.
  • Certificate Rates:

Annual Percentage Yield assumes dividends remain on deposit until maturity. A withdrawal of dividends will reduce earnings. Penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. Rates are declared by the Board of Directors and may change without notice. Ask us for details.

6 Month0.30%0.30%0.35%0.35%
12 Month0.40%0.40%0.45%0.45%
18 Month0.50%0.50%0.55%0.55%
24 Month0.60%0.60%0.65%0.65%
36 Month0.70%0.70%0.80%0.80%
60 Month1.29%1.30%1.39%1.40%